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Our author borrows part from Oribasius. (Synops. vi, 34.)

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mcpiioi/| cntuur w>ih the phytJciil in pruducini; all ibc phe-

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said that it was in consequence of an odious deed and

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On psydrucia and exanthemata of the head. The psydi'acia

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lar rxttr-tnml^vn of the Utirr^ He wippotr* tbM it contiau of

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v«dul*« nod in olhor Mrou« flukj* whtdi he cxuuincd- Tha

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with honey and oil. AVhen ulcers of the ears are recent, !Mesue

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adiui»iAlcr«d, without delay, ft full doae of tioct- opii. The

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Jf oa (Iw coi»uuv, the mcjiu by wKidi the cvof o^tjoa i> pre-

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mean roses, myrtles, lentisk, and the hke ; and we must attend

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tions. Those who have trembhngs from drinking wine must

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vko cvidmce cf hu havicig obtaincti H ia Ji t4(KLratf i;«u, ur

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anointed the pessary, dip it in the oil of privet, and apply. And

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Give also of cinnamon what can be lifted with three fingers in

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connected -o-ith obstructed menstruation. (H. N. vii, 10.)

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a sponge, and apply a cataplasm of the flour of tares, or of wheat

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loskeletal problems. He went on to complete a residency

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compress, wool, and a bandage. Fungous idcers are to be

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earnings are tax deterred until you receive them as

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When the parts within the throat are inflamed, the disease is

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the temporal arteries, the angular vein of the nose, and the

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venesection, and trusts principally to purging and friction. Like

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hed, or.if hr covered the portion of nerrc'mcliidcd between the

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the Greeks, he represents it as consisting of small furfm-aceous

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the extremities, and pouring cold water over those of the wi-ist.

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mention of a mixture of alum, galbanum, with wine, &c. being

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Aetius (vi, 58) ; Nonnus (2, 3) ; Octavius Horatianus (i, 1) ;

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what Celsus also recommends. He likewise speaks favorably

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Manny Strumpf wrote an editorial for a celiac support

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are similar to those -n-hich entered into the ancient applications.

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Dioscorides states that when the inner membrane of a cock''s

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and abstinence from flatulent food. All incentives to venery

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operation. Mesne treats with great precision of the different

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by a blow may be cured by bleeding from the arm, and by

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Greeks. A\dcenna's directions are most minute, and would fur-

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I We bt«Elih«ril]Klil>rnjrDfkAr»IvciiijfFtbmdifliT'««ulr,btf lining (hit