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monds, tragacanth, and the like. (De Antidotis, ^di, 17.) Those
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See a full account of this disease by Lodovicus Mercatus (u[).
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Anicn<jTTh<ra, fit N. CbspmJUH M. D. - - - . go-
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sponges squeezed out of the decoction of bay or hyssop, and the
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3. Animals, on which this operation has been peHbnned,
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so he became excited about the concept of using Zot
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also describes the species of jaundice connected with disorder
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pain, and is as efficacious as any other, is pompholyx. If the
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endotsement or approval by the Medical Alumni Association, University of Maryland School of Medicine or the University of
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betes, endocrinology and nutrition at the medical school.
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When University researchers believe that their work has led to an "invention disclosure," a discovery that has commercial applications, the first
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stomach. When the anorexia proceeds from thick and \iscid
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of wax with the oil, and apply; or boil pomegranate-rind in
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A waters/ infusion for increasing the growth of the hairs, and
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be applied to the bottom of the belly and pcrina^um, and clys-
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ease section of the City of Baltimore Health Department. A
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quite correctly the sandarach, or red arsenic, from the gum
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dotibc aa CO tht iUjj^i modificatioiu the age uiJ temperament
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not nourished ; and loathes her food ; and is afl'ected with difii-
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covers the pupil itself. Wherefore, large and chronic pterygia
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association's expanding needs. In fact, resolutions have
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shock which it imparts to the system proves beneficial, by rousing
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vervain have been boiled. If ulceration has not taken place,
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vi^Tim, unless the acrimony prohibit their use. And dog^s dung,
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phenomena of partial paralysis with surprising acciu'acy; and,
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cleansed the part with nitre. — Another : Of pepper, of dried
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maintaining the honor of his native city against our
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stract blood from the arm at intervals ; but if the disease be of
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purging, and the application of vinegar and rose-oil to the
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manner; or a drachm of the shavings of hartshorn with Avine,
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taaCP4.TTa HK >»■" CA^I^ »V J. HLiXnAV, L>CtV»KV)T CHBH»TaTjj
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ttfmblc in rt-spiratiun, and the chiuigrb thr red colour of Uic
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things not only prevent stones from forming, hut also break
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consistence of honey, and triturated separately with ij dr. of the
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There is nothing very important in Nonuus, OctaHus Hora-
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