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Salep Elocon Untuk Bayi 1 Bulan

emlev to cvplaiii th«M Caeta, and hv bat ntahlubcd t^ ioUow-

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**r\>WdiHc (ingrrc^ ^i jaetii--^ cjuw ■ ■ -iff rairt^^ :

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is called leucophlegmatia, dropsy of the flesh, or anasarca, being

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of treatment du'ccted by Alsaharavius is deser^'ing of attention.

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the gout given by Aetius. Like Aretseus, he maintiaus that the

what is elocon ointment 0.1 used for

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ointment. — Another: Of the fruit of petty-mullein, dr. j; of

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severe ; and spoon-meats prepared with spinage, orach, and the

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Aomc of hU o|ibilao«, pjknitularly ibuHc rtsprowg ^0 red par-

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lettuces previously cooled, and succory, in Hke manner, to eat

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greatest precision. His treatment also is nearly the same as

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national authority on antibiotic resistance, cholera,

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part gently with it ; and apply the herbs of a cold natiu'e, such

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no viuch 1 tbifi oflrr tew n-iaark«, u ! shall proboMy havtan

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sure but also by occasioning a sense of heaviness, brings on no

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S. The chemical phenomena of rcipiration are not deacroyed

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pro\'ing speedily fatal, and always difficidt to cure. Like the

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bt an frrffiy pcrinrwHl ati to > dry air-* ITio sippHrdtut I imxl

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called dioptra, or the touch of the finger, and from the pains

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mentary upon this Ajihorism of Hippocrates (sect, v, 21), that

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apphed ; if by an aposteme, it is to be treated upon general


applied sternutatories. If the woman be in low spirits, she is

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within our narrow limits. We shall give, however, a brief,

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be given frequently in small quantities. To those who vomit

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apeccjug tbt purpOMi vbtch tbc blood icrve* bdie wiiiiil

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mrd wiih cctnaiipaiion, and ctihrraignt of dliordered funriionM

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Association. It consists of five officers and nine directors.

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we must open a vein at the ankle, and abstract l)lood ; but after

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author's. He also recommends a mixture of old odoriferous

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milk, or the juice of fenugreek, as an application per vaginam.

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Haly further states that headach will arise from sympathy with

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Theoplulus remarks), that when persons in good health are

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stances resembling flesh are discharged by a person afi"ected with

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it wAi rvthcr by tittLUtioo* than by tougher haudUn^, iliac the

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resembles that of dropsical persons. Wherefore they are to

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when pus is collected in the chest, the sound of it may be heard

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*"^^ ' from Aetius, who professes to copy from Soranus the Methodist.

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five-year grant that will be used to develop a safe and

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