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John Pattison of Kelin Grove, Glasgow. He was prob-

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For scirrhous enlargement of the spleen, Celsus recommends

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ander, Aetius, and Haly Abbas recommend similar means, and

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an application containing verdegris. (De Steril. xii.)

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of the stone. The preservatives from the formation of stones

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&c. } and all cold things are to be avoided. When a vomica

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The v«jicli<i of ikmiEVBitfiit requit ittg an anifickl opCH-

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also rouse the senses by strong-smelling things, sucli as hog's

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neficial, but the aloetic medicine will bring on marasmus.

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but a more moistening and heating diet, the use of immoderate

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or scammony with A^negar, or the juice of wormwood. Oil

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And with so many new companies sprouting up almost daily finding the right plan isn't

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We therefore entertain some doubts whether they meant by it the

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which he gives with the intention of altering the determination

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account as being particularly full and excellent. He approves

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the decoction of fenugreek, linseed, mallows, mugwort, and oil;

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ents, and answering to those now called demulcents, such as

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strength does not contra-indicate, we must use clysters, some-

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times pushing it aside, and sometimes rectifying the whole. If

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taking care in those cases in which both motion and sensibility

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The Medical Alumni Association, in continuous operation since 1875, is an independent charitable

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cupping-instrument over the stomach. Alsaharavius, like the

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attacks anriquated virgins or yoimg widows. If the womb, he

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properties without being stimulant. A^Hien the ulcers are foul,

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but hkewise dissipates, and thus prevents the formation of flatu-

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nitre and dried lees of wine pounded on it. Let hot water also

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ichor, watery, black, or tawny, and fetid ; but blood also is some-

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maiden-hair, or dock, or of wild thyme, reduced to a third part;

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Selvin Passen graduated from Baltimore City College and the University

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For erysipelas about the anus. Of diachylon plaster, lb. j ;

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(de Generat. Animal, i, 19.) Our limits will not permit us to

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the ointment of iris is not only to be rubbed in, but is also to

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<kgvc« of f acoh«>«aice, tbe mtndeu e#»f of a tramkvt inebri-

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ssevis symptom atibus, assiduo nempe, ac urgente vomitu bUis

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the scrotum, it is named Enterocele. Wherefore, take of po-

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ters want him to round his travels out to all seven