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doted on his grandchildren, proudly following their
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evacuate by leeches. A cataplasm of raw barley -meal may
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cM^lalilr laiatil tnRtirr ^ llic icrum, it i» an i»M>ttur«l diwc-r-
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as the menstrual evacuation stops. When flatus in the womb
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mp'rh, wild marjoram, rue, savin, hellebore, colocjnith, worm-
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be true, and yet the microscopic eye of critics often fancies it
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in oxycrate. They should di'iuk some of the older and more
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attenuant and incisive nature, and he particularises the vinegar
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LoMM. Hippocrates relates a curious case of a calculus which was
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(Do Cans, Syinpt. i, 7.) Alexander, on the other hand, says,
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it will do the same thing. To relieve the acuteness of the pains
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moMMaed. Fur ibti purpose I ripo»rd at thr »Anie time and
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On noises. These are fully treated of by Galen. (Sec. loc.)
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ments; and then emollient, paregoric, and discutient applica-
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for the most part, iipon violent catarrhs, cynanche, asthma,
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Jonathan P. Weiner, Dr PH, professor of health policy and man-
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tortions of the uterus are to be rectified by fomentations and
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dr. iv; of quicklime, dr. viij ; of old vinegar, one cyathus ; of
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columns. These pillars represent the eight areas of
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flakes of copper triturated Avith vinegar for a sufficient number
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sandarach, scr. vj ; two bay -berries ; mix with honey ; and fu-
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urine in affections of the heart. In hot intemperaments of the
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require, purging with gentle laxatives, such as myrobalans and
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purging with drastic medicines, and vomiting from radishes.
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vinegar. Then various astringent and repellent applications
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verdigris and flakes of copper, equal parts. Use in a dry state.
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association flourished significantly during the 1990s.
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HPibies the »hite of die tfjt; and hn pi'iDtKcm ihr pirriculArt
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sects in many respects. He does not approve of abstracting
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For parulis. Of sulphur vivum, of pepper, of fissile alum,
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Correspondence should be addressed to the Editor of The Bulletin. Communications regarding membership, dues status
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otherAvise directs us to treat the diarrhoea febrilis upon general
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through the Medical Alumni Association whose gifts were
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by Jencntng the bollc irf the hcKl, should ii be «ituat«d too
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hure milled M. Fountoy, who Ending ih«t cxprcaiions cm*
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able. When the disease is produced by a sanguineous plethora,
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It is to be remai-ked that the hermodactylus is bad for the sto-
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remits we may compel them to vomit, and keep them from food
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