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Prednisone Side Effect High Blood Pressure

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Some of the ancient authors, however, do recommend venesec-
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' * general symptoms. Unfortunately only a fragment of the chap-
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must first direct our particular attention to the cure of the part
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between syncope and deliqiiinm. See Averrhoes (CoUiget. vii,
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ts in the pretent case, to the left aide into the ngmoid flexnre
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On them, therefore, rub the juice of sow-bread, which will open
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cannot afford room for even an outline of his account. Like
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On mudarosis, or milphosis, and ptilosis. Aetius, Actuarius,
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disiacal medicines. (Deipnos. i, 11.) See the thirty-sixth Sec-
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lysis is highly interesting. (Loc. Affect, iii, 14.)
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cine, could be considered a missionary of sorts, for
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with much heat and with scarifications, or sometimes leeches
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start out by addressing him as "Dr. Carpenter," find
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that it was the black hellebore which was given in Anticyra.
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the som'ces from w hich the blood is discharged, we shall merely
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spirits, Mtd «n enems of bmih, vriili optun, wis admioiKcrcd*
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by the fetid and feculent eructations if compelled to take food,
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bi>9d, lad o<h<r«, the tuhojtncc rctemUia^ cream, which
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at Tulane University because of its strong tropical
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watery sanies runs from tbe sore it is to be treated with basili-
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to be applied, of the flour of beans boiled in diluted Avine, with
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cases extends from the parts about the buttocks and groins to
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the administration of hot and detergent things, such as gentian,
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also exercises and frictions of the upper parts ; emetics and dry
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teaching activities barred. Allan Burns gave lectures in
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quod nobilissimura illud esset." (Ap. Apicium, vii, G.) It was
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discovered from pus or blood being evacuated without urine, it
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of the head a cupping-instrument with scarificators, and, if ad-
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tions. The domed ceiling has a decorative network of semicircles
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of rosin, oz. iiiss ; triturate altogether with honey, and apply
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taining the medullary part, with must, and allow to remain
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ment as our author. He recommends in particular burnt vitriol
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water of cattle to general plethora. This is a very plausible
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drowned persons, ^^^len a person has hung by the neck for a
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Commentary. Consult Hippocrates (Epidem. v, 4, etaUbi) ; Comm.
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called the colic composition, consisting of poppy tears, pepper,