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nvn* ym implictily mtopted Ibrvinvr frnmnM, ihf blood rvn*

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same, or a plaster of the oil of roses, bread, and the yelk of

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lows, and afterwards to inject a little nitre and oil and water.

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The formation of flatus in the stomach arises from the juices

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of the oil of privet, &c. or fragrant malagniata be applic d. AVhcu

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' ' disease under which the demoniacs laboured was epilepsy. See

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cupping instrument be fastened over the stomach, and while it

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by thf MtloQ of the ovimnrktk ftod; Wkat bccanac of fhc car-

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can scarcely retain its powers of motion when the sensibihty is

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applications appear to have been intended to produce resolution;

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CoMM. Commentary. Oribasius recommends the same treatment.

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forming sometimes in the ball of the eye, sometimes in the eye-

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stomach has been dried and reduced to powder, it may be given

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restored ; and for this purpose blood may be abstracted from

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asarabacca, carpesia, saxifrage, water-parsnip, when eaten or

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selves, and thin fragrant wine of an astringent quality; and the

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behalf of the School of Medicine are much appreciated. I

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and some are without it. In those cases in which the part is not

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paleness and redness of colour, occasions a sensation of heat and

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The cure. Those who have a spitting of blood from catarrh

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gargles consisting of mustard, pepper, and the like. This re-

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he approves of applying the actual cautery to the cranium. (De

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the cataplasms mentioned by Serapion. A\dcenna's treatment

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each, dr. vj ; of galbanum, dr. iss. And the plaster called the

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pcitl^j;«iH ri rrqnirrd in the oni. « CO(TCi»pondtng ttypotlicaW

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cold iutemperaments of the liver. And the species of those herbs

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so as to relieve the affected part from the effects of prcssm'C ;

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lient, it is proper to know that the most suitable remedies are

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dics; and, if these cannot be swallowed, they are to be given

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the skin by sudorifics and medicines which produce pruritus, Comm.

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the astringents to it, such as wormwood or the nard ointment;

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by occasioning a determination iuAvardly. When it proceeds

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by the severity of the pain, we must add a little opium ; but,

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a smooth, undigested, and hquid state, the stomach in all cases