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myrrh and some honey and oil; or from myn'h, honey, and
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uiftc ihron-" If b of niiin impormnf<^ Mr- Dany *!■(> rt-
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spleen, and sometimes of yellow. There are many varieties of
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Inotl, that in one of my cipcrini«iHv « nnHlL residue oJ com*
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to this operation, he directs us to burn them with caustics, such
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and to unite emollients with deobstruents in the external ap-
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my pmpotitMni, Ml ■ tti»c vhm 1)^ boac aliiA^i obiicofifcpiuMi
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Sponges squeezed out of hot Avater, or oil and Avater, or the decoc-
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of water in which opium, camphor, or henbane has been boiled.
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fore they whiten ; for after they liecomc white and callous, they
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director for health and human resources at the Congressional
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the anrrouodiog tnodium, and why did tl riio a hw At^m
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bath and friction with glass (pounded he probably means). He
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manner, approves of sponging the chest with som- wine and
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For this variety he recommends particuhirly a comlunation of
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for psorophthalmia contains arsenic. Celsus describes the symp-
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provides a model for ways to deliver drugs and offers
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us against using local applications of too stimulant a nature at
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of myrrh, dr. iv; of native sulphur, dr. ij ; of manna, dr. iv; rub
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mark, however, that in the house of an obstetric which has
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to the juice of henbane. When they are free from inflamma-
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Continuing Care Accreditation Commission, 901 E Street, N.W., Suite 500-G,
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Aetius and Oribasius are the servile copyists of Galen. Mar-
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otnrnre, that Mr. D^ry dom not ttirvcdy <l«ny, dun carbonic
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was meant as a hint not to exert great force in extracting
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experience palpitations, gastrointestinal problems,
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water, or of powdered ii'is, to the amount of two spoonfuls
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the cold bath. His description of humid asthma is very striking, Comm.
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ney, nitre, and cumin. The suppositories should be six fingers'
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sioned by lying long in bed with the flower of millet, barley,
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nine days, and the sponge external^, as mentioned above ; and
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assigned a competent team of experts to the project.
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works of several of the Greek authors ; but we entirely agree
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riences no relief from evacuations, and the danger is imminent.
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iad frc<]Ufiiily appear oppCHcd foibc 6rvubul U not ihj«<ipinii>n
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continues, and the belly loses its tone, and the pulse gets small
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i^lTr of, jrllv. Tlir^ do nnr ntmtf ihal it in e4p:iSie of bring C04W
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the life of a man who for many has embodied the academic and philosophical essence of the University
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been published in foreign languages and in journals
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