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Noroxin Availability

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the bramble and its flowers, the fibrous part of the common
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says, is of slow formation, but when completely formed speedily
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tenesmus, must have been meant an alvine concretion of a hard
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have the materials of these things treated of in the First Book
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nor is it at all wonderful that a matter naturallv cold, in the
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time, and repeat this next day; and rub in like manner the whole
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placed ophthalmy in the list of contagious diseases. See, in
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every Friday night with high school friends. Friends from
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Let only so much oil be added that it may not stain. In using
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CoMM. stantial account of this disease, but it is so long tliat we can
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pated; he du^ects barley-water with mannaj prunes, and the like ; ' — • — '
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tenipcraments of the womb must be rectified. Wherefore the
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observe it. At that time I didn't really understand
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^tmarV. rVt t' . " . triou* phyiwIo^M cntcruincd Uii
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have at least heard of celiac disease and some even
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darnel, p. j ; of the flour of chick-peas, p. j ; make a cataplasm
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that, when in fever the bile is suddenly determined to the skin,
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motes its growth. And, in like manner, oil may be rubbed in
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nius Largus (83) ; Marcellus (de Med. 17); Serapion (ii, 25);
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tractor for the project. Their work includes renova-
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only in clysters. Modern physicians will be disposed to con-
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for Avliich he recommends local applications of a cooling natiu'e
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gratulate outgoing president Murray Kalish '73 on a
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betwctn Dr. Hull ud myadf, uid b liitnblun|; fc cmc bhkb tondtsoawck
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of fine flour witli linseed, or fenugreek witli liydromcl, or sesame
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• Endorsed by the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland
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ing ; but they are evidenth^ copied from our author, (iv, 1, 2.)
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tharg^^ For the sake of procuring sleep he recommends gesta-
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When it arises from heat, he recommends the affusion of tepid
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composition containing pepper, sal ammoniac, saffron, spikenard,
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fetor. These are not dangerous. But when the discharge is
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Aretseus gives a good description of the phenomena attending
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zine. The list recognizes gifts made to the School of Medicine through the Medical Alumni Association between July 1 and June
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'^ Lent IfKodecvicriai c^n^m brcvt in nibLi^ineni h«nc miOJl-
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tioo of the ^^tnc juirt vta h|iec(lily diminished upon cutting
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