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there a paraplegia of these parts, that is to say, a partial para-

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career, Dr. Levine needed to conduct field trials, and

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act more mildly, but still more so gum tragacanth, sarcocolla,

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Robinson 70. I also wish to commend outgoing president

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ritAbliflhiiig, He found the pare of the lerum, whtcb u not

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Correspondence should be addressed to the Editor of the Bulletin. Communications regarding membership, dues status or

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the herb mercury, &c. ; but, if stronger medicines are required,

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privileged to work with a network of creative and inde-

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composition: 'Minii Sinopici, chalcitidis, calcis, sandarachse,

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tion to calculus. Like our author, he forbids thick food, and

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Eight MD/PhD and 137 MI) graduates were hooded during the 192nd Convocation of the School of Medicine at Joseph

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Galen (Comment., de Fae. Part., de Rat. Vict., de Med. sec. ' ' '

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it bbek« m the same manner as dividing ibc nerve* whkh b«-

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the bramble and its flowers, the fibrous part of the common

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For glaucoma and suffusion. (From Ruffus.) The ancients

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On psydrucia and exanthemata of the head. The psydi'acia

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better methods of detecting early rejection episodes

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have the materials of these things treated of in the First Book

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Development officer Rebecca Rosier with Israel '53 and

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