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tion is difficult to cleanse, we must use the compound remedies,
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aloes, of euphorbium, of pure granum cnidivim, of scammony,
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of rubbing the parts with myrrh, henbane, and opium.
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vigil. When a bilious humour prevails, persons so affected are
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sioned by lying long in bed with the flower of millet, barley,
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or make incisions into the tongue itself, if it be swelled and
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without delay, and take away a great quantity, if the strength
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and astringent gargles containing alum, pomegranate flowers,
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For salivation of the stomach. Rinse the mouth with vinegar
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Wlien the dropsy is attended with fever, the patient must ab-
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granate wine, or myrtle wine, or Cib3T:'atic hydromel for di'ink,
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but if dryness also prevail, we must likewise moisten; or if
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places with the actual cauteiy, so as to form issues. See a
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Dt%th u produced by «vrudn Togourtrlc Poi»na. Ry 1^' ^■
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quciuLy emploj^ tb iloulbe ihr ^rocm ol cojtguUUon, bodi
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ing to the prevailing matter. The peculiar symptoms are these:
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see the relationships and the complexity of the com-
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tribution of discretionary monies and the levels of
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long list of compositions for allaying the p.ain of toothach, from ' ' '
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c1co>m^c;Bcd by oiimuruiiic gxit, that iit hidrogcn n »itracc«iJ
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Hinkley for 45 hours. Obsessed with actress Jodie Foster,
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You did it at University of Maryland Medical System.
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are, general bleeding, cupping the extremities or back part of
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cases of anasarca they permit venesection, but generally con-
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author, we may remark that Prosper Alpinus, the modern ad-
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dr. ij ; also the trochisk of Musa, that called aster, and the like,
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