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cnnjtmrilon urih m^ frirml Dr. Rci^r, I rottttaatly ob«crr-

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retained in the small intestines, and is increased by astringents

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Aboiu three wccki nfccr delivery, ^hc was attacked by the

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and with the white of eggs, to the amount of two or three ounces ;

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milder, if, instead of the pine-nuts, it receive an equal quantity

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was officially dedicated Sept. 17. The $32 million facility, funded entirely by

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Aretffius calls it a disease arising from broad ulcers of the in-

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fully triturated the dried dung of an ox of the herd, boil it in

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fossil salt with water and oil. Avenzoar speaks of privet (alcanna)

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flanks, and then we may give a draught of castor, sometimes

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fingers with oil, or geese fat, rub them upon lead, and anoint


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Some also add of cyphi and roses, of each, oz. ij. These things,

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are to be done previous to the paroxysm. But those who have

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1 1:30-1 :30 p.m Complimentary Picnic, Davidge Hall

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mr>t, wtti^h, hi* cvtponitloii and coollog, cMKrcir« mto n kiIk

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Baltimore native Walter W. Shervington, '63, was a child

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bleeding and diuretics, the latter being given to clear away the

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brain ; whereas, if preceded by nausea and heart])urn, he be-

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application from wild-pigeon's dung; and after three hours re-

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give a whole cb-achm, and afterwards one and a half, then two and

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awards by Feb. 1. The Honor Award &C Gold Key is

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danger of suffocation, owing to the matters rushing to the affected

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boil the litharge and the oil until they do not stain, then sprinkle

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Wherefore, if the humours ai*e contained in the cavity of the

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selves. But when the parts of the body are bent foi'wards, the

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preventive medicine, Dr. Glenn Morris is a national

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chisk of Andron, when injected by an uterine syringe, with some

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wine, are apiilied in the form of a poultice. — Another: Having

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apply. The cerate consisting of wax, the lees of oil of ii'is, and

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diluted -with wine. It is so made as to apply to spreading ulcers

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scybalrc, he recommends po^vcrful cvacuants, sueli as colocynth, Comm.

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