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symptoms are various according to the nature of the discharge.
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sorbed, and increase the constitutional disorder. He further
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Oribasius and Actuarius treat these complaints like oiu*
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wheat-flour, or that of chick-peas ; or, of the leaves of sweet-
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Tllc nUbcMcd Uoylc trrou his ' NtlunL Hiitory oi ilir^j
Nonnus coj)ics from him. Haly Abbas describes it by the name
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that everyone should share. That belief translates into countless hours ot volunteer service
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and i, 17); Nonnus (123); Cielius Aurcliamis (Mori). Tard. ii, Comm.
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when fever is present, it is not expedient to pm'ge with hiera,
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some and digestible food, avoiding a surfeit and indigestion.
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ones, composed of mugwort, fleabane, calamint, pennyi'oyal and
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tion of the brain. See, in particular, the Commentary of Phi-
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liityof which wai paued throu^ the bltre waa euiirtly freed
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disapproves in general of paracentesis. For tympanitis he
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the eruption is coming out. He directs the chamber to be
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<— Hie reglnicii duriuy ihi^ Uiiit; ivjbbululy uiii^hIt>}(tMtt, uid
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nor delirium, nor ardent fever vmconcocted, to contra-indicate
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His Majesty the Emperor of Japan. He also served as
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may be taken by walking, frequent bending of the body, leaping,
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With the T. Rowe Price Rollover Investment Service,
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tity oatn^y tvith u-hJch diat o&igm had beco Dombiotd, d tmy
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iafcrrcd, ibat he did mat con-. icrom aod fibrosis \mta
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llccondita Abscessum Natura.^ (Mangeti Bibl. Chu'ui'g. i, 48.)
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now in the process of raising capital to support fur-
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the disease is called coryza ; when in the phaiynx and roof of
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out the matter. (See Book Sixth.) Scarpa does not approve
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hement pains of the head are excited by the active qualities,
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to Andrew Russel* who had assisted in their preparation.
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or thinness thereof. The perspiration is checked, on the other
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of venesection. He approves of vomiting when it can be pro-
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Little additional information is to be got from the Arabians;
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When the ulcers are cicatrized, it will be })roper to use the
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emotion and drive," says Dr. Carpenter. Since 1979,
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euphorbium, oz. j ; of iris, oz. ij; of tlic fiour of fenugreek, a
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recommended by Audromachus, Asclepiades, and others, the
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our author's, (iv, i, 2.) Rhases recommends acid di'inks, such
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• Bowie State University • Morgan State University • Towson University • University of Maryland: Baltimore,
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turn, he recommends cupping and pitching of the hypogastrium.
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down, owing to a relaxation of the whole system, or owing to
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Medicine in 1 977 as professor of psychiatry and director
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Aetius, Oribasius, Alexander, Actuarius, and Nonnus treat
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A\icenna prudently forbids preparations of poppies after expec-