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Revia Reviews For Alcoholism

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Actually, very little is known about how they were pro-

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of chamomile ; but must abstain from very hot applications, lest

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Cselius Aurclianus treats oneirogmon upon much the same

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to be rubbed with warm oil, or the feet to be put into hot

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Inre of uiiauJ £oiibt>nd aiotku^ cdier cuiious dHcowric«« dc-

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Morb.Chron.i, 2); Oribasius (deLoc. Affect, iv, 1); Celsus (iv, 2) ;

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^tn ga>t after the nwthocl of M. M, Hu^mholdt and Guy-T.ut'

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piirgaii, quam usus nitri suppositione." That is to say, a suppo-

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The plan of treatment recommended by Hippocrates can

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Chiau mastich, and of myrrh, and aftei'wards of starch and tra-

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alopetia, et quidam fit cum pa1i)ebrarum grossite et duritic.

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^^npry'K^^ (odMvr a different fonrl<nirtn fmnn it.

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Nonnus coj)ics from him. Haly Abbas describes it by the name

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gi«f a» 4CC0UM of mr own, nnd c«pc<in11y sn point oni dwcJ^

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mends astringent cataplasms, frequent washing with warm water

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vulsion, to pour cold water upon the head, and to snuft* up the

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nated histoplasmosis (Darling's Disease) in Maryland

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11 not aiTccted by the infusion of tan. Secondly, That the ani-

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humours confounds the diagnosis), we must state the materials


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we must mix some of the collwia for it, such as that from the

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There ippcu/v. bowcver. to haw been icarcdy lime, ngr dock

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We have already, in treating of phrenitis, mentioned the for-

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tions, the preparation of which he has described at great length.

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witli vervain povmded witli vinegar in the sun. Or, rub in the

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mends astringent cataplasms, frequent washing with warm water

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mile, mugwort, dill, bay, and the like. And they may be made

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him to keep awake, and abstain from food. And these things

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ance the art of medicine began to grow into a science.

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«liftkth' titrbid floM n»av h« fefpeiniir<l Irnm cfjagclftVrd albi^

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in hke manner are dried up for want of nutriment. (This com-

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with which he details the plicnomena and treatment of epistaxis;

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medicine is that it lacks scientific evidence to validate

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story, noting that reports of Salieri's mental state at