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thorny, broad, and black leaf (which they call charospelethron)^
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arising from a cold humour, and discusses fully the remedies
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sioned by lying long in bed with the flower of millet, barley,
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nine days, and the sponge external^, as mentioned above ; and
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assigned a competent team of experts to the project.
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works of several of the Greek authors ; but we entirely agree
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riences no relief from evacuations, and the danger is imminent.
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iad frc<]Ufiiily appear oppCHcd foibc 6rvubul U not ihj«<ipinii>n
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continues, and the belly loses its tone, and the pulse gets small
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i^lTr of, jrllv. Tlir^ do nnr ntmtf ihal it in e4p:iSie of bring C04W
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the life of a man who for many has embodied the academic and philosophical essence of the University
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been published in foreign languages and in journals
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112) ; Nonnus (173) ; Cselius Aurehanus (Morb. Chron. v, 4) ;
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overflowing with gladness, their eyelids move rapidly; and even,
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into tiio state of venouB blood, aad be could not ditcover any
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do at the commencement, nor during its increase, lest, by its
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antidotes containing bitters, attenuauts, and calefacients. His
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The treatment recouunended by Octavius lloratiauus is little
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is the sigillum), the trochisk from amber, that from Egj^tian
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and thin humour is impacted in the stomach, he evacuates it by
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or the liquorice root may be mixed with the pomegranate juice.
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rainy season when landslides make traveling difficult.
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position offered by the University of Pennsylvania.
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tooth, which it will cure. — Another : Tritm'ate together garlic,
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sons labouring under care. When they call to recollection the
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Maay iMUdieca of in c»(k1ayii)cot« ilk dyipJiag^a, mc o* re*
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of tht3 eyes, and when externally it spreads around the skull.
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humour, which is changed to a sea-green (glauciun) colour j but
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bring on the disease called mania, which occasions ungovernable
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the respiratory muscles are all derived from the brain itself, and
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High income from a low-expense strategy. Summit Cash Reserves
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oz. ss ; of snails with their shells, oz. j ; boil the balls and rind
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From the ttnneof (iuUn* until the prrDcni.phyAioloi-iiflB have
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the bleeding cannot be stopped otherwise, he dialects us to secure
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mom" into a fine attenuated aqueous fluid.^^ It does not appear
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Mr. Davy'ft opiiuoQ of the nature <d ffluruuic anrl o^inuiHMJc
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