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more seats were needed to accommodate more people. And so,

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tt^afl appear compUir* Thni life wat not uEiimEUch' pretcrved,

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melodrama of his final days. Literary figures, family

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from the cephaHc vein ad deUquium ; cupping ; gentle laxatives,

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diminished. Their treatment in principle is quite similar to

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contraction of the vessels ; and they are more especially to be

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is to be used. He says that one of the most common causes of

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morning, hnvlivg had ioni<^ sh^cp during (he night, ^bc afiiK^rcd

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itauEct of ^e vsirioui paits of tliA tyt tn tht il'tHtttni ciKs of

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ceeds from the former cause, he recommends a composition of

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is shaven mild ones at first, and afterwards rubefacients and

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think. Some thought I was malingering," says Whelan.

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extremities at the commencement of the rheumatism are fo-

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Alternative Therapies to Treat Pain, it has received

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bore ; sha'^'ing the head and applying cupping-instruments to

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Hippocrates describes four aflcctions of tlic kidneys, bcgin-

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of his age, that the women, by their luxurious habits, had be-

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lecturing at various medical schools in China, he con-

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and attended with moderate pain. These are accompanied vriih

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ebration held in Davidge Hall. The event, which included a luncheon afterwards at Camden Yards, was

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yelks of eggs. How to produce easy vomiting has been explained

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He doesn't hesitate: "The best part of my work here is the

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To remove the hard sordes of the ears. Dissolve nitre in

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Tetanus also, being a spasm, takes place from the muscles

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to study the biology and the genetic basis of the disease.

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tween the os uteri and tlic head and deliver it. AVheu the sccun-

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and seem to attack in a pungent manner ; the fevers formerly

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McDowell, the "backwoods Galahad" who performed the

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its integral role in the quest for knowledge has remained constant.

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For vermes in the ears. Wash with a decoction of worm-

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and is beautifully illustrated by him. He recommends, how-

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a species of cynanche in which there is no external swelling, and

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loose phlegmatic habit of body are most subject to the whites.

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(i, 5.) See also Oribasius (de Loc. Affect, iv, 11); Celsus (xi, 3);

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long and deep sleep ; but if complicated with coldness, it will

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